21, Singer & Boybands Expert, Portugal

Anonymous: És uma pessoa confiante?

vai depender da situação, mas normalmente gosto de pelo menos pensar que sou! x

Anonymous: why you dont put more pictures of you? you are beautiful and have a really sexy body! you are the real deal! the pics would raize :)

how do you even know I have a sexy body? LOL 

Anonymous: Tens uma voz tao perfeita o.o ps: adorei o teu vestido de quando cantaste ó gente da minha terra da Mariza (que voz linda a tua *o*), será que me podias dizer onde o arranjaste? Nunca vi um vestido tao lindo, e a ti fica-te super bem, tens um corpinho danone invejavel!!! ahah xd Beijinhos! :3

aww obrigada <3 tive uma pergunta igualzinha à tua há umas semanas, comprei na H&M já ha imenso tempo :) ahah obrigadaa beijinhoos xx 

Anonymous: Porque não aproveitas o tumblr para te promoveres?

porque as pessoas não vêem :x

Anonymous: You have the most angelic voice I ever heard! So beautiful... I hope you write songs and sing them in the future, I would buy every album of that amazing voice! *o* Btw when you san Mariza -Ó gente da minha terra (didn't understood anything but god what a strong voice!! ;) ) you wore the most beautiful dress I ever seen, I would die for one like that, where did you buy it?! Ly so much! Bye :D


Anonymous: Fuck off

why? :/ i dont get why are you hating on me, i just expressed my feelings :s

Anonymous: when/where did they say they would be coming to chicago instead?

they didnt say, they just posted it on their website without like saying anything :(

Anonymous: You have to realize it's not that simple. To go on the WWA tour they had to sign a contract so therefore they wouldn't pull out of some of these dates for no reason. Playing in Chicago is still your shit because the album isn't out yet here.

i know its not simple, but put yourself in our position, im not even talking about myself anymore cause i already saw them in London (so yeah i had to travel to another country to see them) i bet they have their reasons, of course. but it kinda sucks 

Anonymous: 5sos have no choice where they have to go. They sincerely apologized and the Chicago thing is probably really important so stop giving them shit for it.

im not giving anyone shit, i would like to know how would you feel if your favorite band would cancel two concerts in different years ( cause yeah they should’ve been here last year) im not saying i hate them fyi im just expressing mine and the other portuguese fans, which were actually pretty happy to see them! 

Anonymous: Is there a reason why they canceled their concert in Portugal to go to one in Chicago?

no, they didn’t even told us they were going to Chicago, we just found out the only explanation they gave us was: “due to unforseen circumstances”

bang-bang-world: Adoro a tua voz o: mm muito

Awww a serio? Isso é bue querido da tua parte <3 obrigadaa xx

cs-silenceandsound: espero conhecer-te no concerto dos boys (one direction) e dar-te um grande abraço. gosto muito da tua personalidade, ou pelo menos do que nos transmites. identifico-me bastante contigo :3 e eu tweetei-te mas como sou privado não deves ter visto. however.. love you :) x

Hiii :’) aiii espero tambem ver-te se nao vou ficar desconsolada para que saibas, diz-me o teu twitter porque eu nao recebi nada :/ omg you’re so cute love youuuu xx

Anonymous: do you follow everybody that follows you in here (tumblr) or.. ? oh... and i LOVE YOU s2

hii :D well, I always check the person’s tumblr and if I like what that person reblogs of course I follow :) Love you too <3

Anonymous: I know that you work in the aquarium, what do you do there? :) are you a vet?

no, actually I’m just that assistant that tells you to take pictures without flash HA! xx

Anonymous: hey ! Que curso tiras-te no secundário ? e que curso estas agora na faculdade ? Just curiosida! Big kiss e deixa-me dizer-te que cantas supeeer bem !

hiii :) tirei um curso de Marketing Relações Públicas e Publicidade, e agora não tou na faculdade estou trabalhando :’) aww obrigadaaa xx <3